Employee Research

We provide employee consultation, feedback and attitudinal surveys and we support commercial enterprises in a number of industries as well as organisations in local and central government, charity, not for profit, and further and higher education.

Our employee research projects have successfully consulted workforces from the small to the large and we have addressed many challenges requiring special techniques to circumvent communications difficulties, bullying, confidentiality-concerns and inclusion.

We have a number of template questionnaires that can be shared but we normally work with you to develop a question-set specific to your requirements. And we will guide you in the development of a communications plan so that the survey is launched in the best possible way.

Questionnaires are dynamic and their logic and appearance may be automatically personalised to suit the characteristics of specific invitees. Useful if you wish to adapt the questionnaire for particular segments of the workforce.

For on-line invitations we can send out the personalised invitation e-mails or, if you prefer, invitation e-mails may be sent by your own staff. For employees with limited access to on-line (and perhaps with no e-mail) we can provide printed questionnaires or, more popularly, a web-portal that is easily accessed from outside the work environment. We can also provide survey kiosks, that can be placed in suitable locations within the working environment, that staff may use at times that are convenient.

Your project team will be provided with an on-line reporting portal that allows you to view the progress of the survey on demand and in real-time. The reporting portal also allows the downloading of the response data.

Some customers prefer us to undertake the analysis of the response data and others are happy to do this themselves. For some customers we provide a full analysis and action-plan. The choice is yours.

We also provide a system for 360 feedback surveys for key staff and our staff appraisal system supports and assists line-managers in the preparation and execution of appraisals as well as giving the HR Team a window into the process.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and our survey consultant is a leading academic in the field of occupational psychology. We have a reliable and transparent survey project management methodology which delivers reliable and high-quality results every time. Our survey environment is highly secure and is certified to ISO 27001:2013.

We are happy to discuss requirements and provide on-line demonstrations.
Please e-mail to hello@wesurvey.co.uk or call on (+44) 01273 931 748.