Alumni Research

We have conducted alumni research for a number of leading UK universities obtaining attitudinal, sentiment and preference information from alumni populations worldwide.

We will work with you to develop a project that meets your research goals and we have templates that gather attitudinal, sentiment and preference information, explore life after the alumn's time at the institution, identify donors and update contact details.

Our research can help you to identify alumni that are willing to support alumni communities at home and abroad and those alumni that are willing to provide support and reinforcement to current students.

With control of our expertise and systems we are able to work collaboratively with the institution to split activities and responsibilities as required. We are able to react rapidly to requirements (and with the minimum of formality) and can develop prototype surveys and designs within short timeframes.

We provide the institution with real-time on-demand facilities for monitoring activity during the survey, and for analysis and reporting post-survey - and we can provide bespoke reports covering specific topics such as respondents wishing to make a donation, willing to act as alumni ambassadors or willing to provide work placement.

Where the project requires updates to personal and occupational details, we are able to provide updates back to the university in a format to minimise the effort required by the university in the application of the updates.

Some institutions prefer us to undertake the analysis of the response data and others are happy to do this themselves. For some we undertake the basic ‘heavy-lifting’ and provide a set of primary tables and cross-tabulations leaving the detailed analysis to the institution.

Our survey environment is certified to ISO 27001:2013 and we have a robust ‘industrial-strength’ survey system around which we have developed considerable integration, automation and reporting facilities. A facet of this makes straightforward the importation of invitee data from an institution’s alumni management system and the pre-population of questions and reference information with data specific to the respondent.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and our survey consultant is a leading academic in the field of occupational psychology. We have a reliable and transparent survey project management methodology which delivers reliable and high-quality results every time and our largest alumni survey to date involved approximately 95,000 on-line and 170,000 postal invitations.

We are happy to discuss requirements and provide on-line demonstrations.
Please e-mail to or call on (+44) 01273 931 748.