WeSurvey conducts qualitative and quantitative research in the areas of Employee, Customer, Alumni, Stakeholder, Partner, Broker and Medical. Gathering intelligence across geographies, languages and cultural boundaries in commercial, consumer, public-sector, academic, scientific, clinical and unionised environments.

We have worked with organisations in a variety of sectors from Cancer Research UK, Local Authorities, NHS and many leading universities; to Ford, Heineken and the BBC.

We are always happy to discuss requirements and provide on-line demonstrations. Please e-mail to hello@wesurvey.co.uk or call on (+44) 01273 931 748.


Engage with your alumni; Gather attitudinal, preference and collaboration information. Identify donors and volunteers; Update contact details and Plan alumni events.

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Protect your human capital. Understand employee sentiment, attitudes and engagement. Obtain feedback and undertake consultations, test organisational alignment.

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Stakeholder insight, Customer Feedback, Partner Sentiment, Consumer Engagement - we use sophisticated tools and techniques to obtain valuable business insight.

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We have a superb survey platform and skilled team able to deliver complex surveys under research conditions and in an environment certified to ISO27001.

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